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Welcome to Sytong New Zealand

Welcome to Sytong New Zealand

Sytong New Zealand

Welcome to Sytong New Zealand. We (NZ Hunter Group) signed on as the New Zealand distributor for Sytong in April 2021. We had been actively looking for a night vision company that was developing new and interesting products. Sytong caught our eye immediately and have been very pro-active in talks to us regarding future developments and how they would sell in the New Zealand market place.

The NZ Hunter group was formed back in 2009 by Ken and Tara Rountree. At the time we specialised in the import of optics but soon diversified into firearms and accessories. Our intent has always been to introduce competition into the New Zealand monopolistic market place. Competition means better pricing for all kiwis. We are not afraid to fight for better pricing and the rights of consumers. In this regard, with the help of a handful of like minded kiwis we set up the NZ branch Firearm Owners United to provide an additional voice to other pro gun groups. Our other most recent endeavor is The Firearm Dealer Network to help implement the transport of firearms between all consumers, independent dealers and their customers, a group that had been left out in the cold with the change in firearm transportation with couriers.

We see affordable night vision as a growth niche. It has been relatively unaffordable until now. We hope you enjoy the changes in price we will force on the New Zealand market. Stay tuned to what we bring.

Sytong International

Sytong is renowned worldwide for the development, production, sales, and service of high quality night vision devices and monitoring systems. Furthermore, Sytong products are widely used in nature observation, outdoor hunting, tactical applications, boating in dark, outdoor exploration, security and anti-theft, sea operation, night patrol and other occasions. Its devices are useful, affordable, reliable, and enjoy the benefits of being technologically superior to other companies operating in the night vision industry.

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