Nitecore IMR18650 3100 Battery


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Sytong NZ have partnered with high quality battery and charger manufacturer Nitecore to provide charging solutions ideally matched to Sytong electro optics.

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Nitecore’s performance flat top IMR battery.

This high drain battery is designed for devices that require higher loads. This can included things like night vision or specialist equipment.

35 Amps and 3100 mAh capacity

Capacity: 3100 mAh
Voltage 3.7v
Cutoff Voltage: 2.75V
Max Charging Current: 4A
Regular Charging Current: 1.5A
Continuous Discharging Current: 20A
Pulse Discharge Current: 35A
Charging temperature Range 0-50 Celcius
Discharge temperature range: -20-75 Celcius
Internal resitance: <26m


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